Hybrid Vocal Technique


About  Eli Prinsen and the Hybrid Vocal Technique... 
Eli Prinsen is the lead vocalist of U.S. Christian power metal bands, Sacred Warrior and The Sacrificed. Eli has studied under some of the most respected vocal teachers in the world, including the late Maestro Al Koehn , who was trained by the late Maestro David Kyle, and Dr. Robert Barr. Eli is constantly researching vocal training techniques - both old and traditional, and new and experimental. What he has done with this plethora of knowledge is created a system of singing that dramatically expands the range of the full voice, giving a thick, full, powerful sound to the entire range. Also, HVT will help you to "polish your instrument" with many exercises that greatly improve vocal  stamina, pitch control and tone quality.                      

The HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program...

HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program

Build a Solid 4 Octave Vocal Range

Sing With Increased Power - Develop Vocal Quality and Control

 Hit the High and Low Notes - Thicken your sound.

* Easy To Follow  and Understand

* Quick To The Point Explanations

* No Confusing Technical Jargon 

* Proven Techniques That Deliver The Results You're Looking For


*  17  Vocal Training Videos

*  8  Detailed Classes

*  8 Intensive Vocal Workouts

* The HVT Training Manual

* The Automatic Airflow and Support report


How The Program Works: