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  1. What is Hybrid Vocal Technique?

    Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT), is a fusion of the most useful and efficient vocal training techniques I have researched and studied in the last 25 years of my vocal training.

    HVT is a fusion of  various approaches found in classical, speech level and scientific methods.

  2. I am a beginner, can I still use HVT?

    Absolutely yes! HVT will work for any skill level, beginners to advanced.

  3. How long will it take to see improvements?

    This is determined by your level of dedication and commitment to your vocal training. I will show you how I did it, and then It's all up to you.

    I have had students contact me within a couple of short weeks after purchasing my course, telling me that they are already seeing improvements. This includes my advanced students as well.

    My most dedicated students report to me on a regular basis their improvements and goals. It's very exciting and rewarding to me.

  4. Another coach guaranteed me an extra octave, but it ended up being in head voice, are you another one of those guys?

    No! I know exactly what you're talking about. One of the reasons I developed and released this course was because of this very reason.

    While head voice and falsetto are very useful in other styles of music, they don't give you the middle high and high power range needed for singing rock, metal and power metal.

    With HVT, I will show you how to sing very high in the same voice you speak with. After I have done that, I will show you the rest of those techniques as well.

  5. Can I really achieve a 4 octave range?

    YES YOU CAN!!!

    Every human being has the ability to produce 4 octaves of vocal range.

    It takes training, technique and dedication. It's in you now, waiting to be unleashed!

    When I started singing, I had a 2 octave range. I couldn't sing any popular music or cover tunes because I just couldn't sing high. I found a master voice teacher and my life changed forever. my range has doubled since then and I can cover any material I choose to.

    I strived for these results and achieved them, and so can you!

  6. I don't sing metal, but I want to extend my range. Can I still use HVT?

    YES! YES! YES!

    I have found that my techniques work wonders with R&B and Gospel singers. With the choice between a smooth head voice or a powerfull high chest voice, the sky is the limit for any style of music!

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