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HVT Vocal Training Programs

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The HVT - Master Series

Ultimate Vocal Training Program - Version 2.0

(2.0 Download Version)

Still Includes The Same Proven Content:

*  17  Vocal Training Videos:

Covers all the bases with the HVT theory explained in detail

*  8  In Depth Classes:

Training with re enforcement of techniques and tips.

*  8  Intensive Workouts:

Train at your own pace from beginner to master.

*  The HVT  Training Guide:

The HVT Master Series Training manual containing vital information

*  The Automatic Airflow and Support report:

A special report that includes techniques that will sky rocket your  efficiency.

** Spanish Translation PDF Files Included **

                                           *** NEW IN VERSION 2.0 ***

                                                   * 5 Additional Hours of HVT Vocal Training Content

                                                                  * Updated HVT Training Manual


Extreme Range and Strength:

(Part one is the extreme low range, part two is the scientific strength exercises and whistle voice technique).

Add up to 2 additional octaves to your vocal range:

Hacks for finding the illusive whistle voice by using scientific vocal cord strengthening exercises.

Develop and fuse the Chest register with the Fry register to access low notes you never thought possible.

Strengthen your voice at the source and develop vocal clarity, longevity and range.

Passing Your Range Block:

The HVT approach using advanced lip rolls that works several parts of your voice.

They are not merely a warm up. In HVT we use them for airflow, bridging, cord closure, larynx control, dynamics and even passing the range wall.

Releasing Singing Tension:

Techniques and exercises that reduce compensatory muscles.

Develop better dynamics by separating volume from range.

Promotes free singing and helps to further your development.

Increase endurance with this once wasted energy.

Consonant Modification:

Techniques and exercises that maximize air management and singing efficiency.

Stop wasting your breath

Reduce misuse of air and internal violence of consonants.

Make the difficult words and lyrics easier.

Basic Shape Technique:

Split Modification and visualization strategies for better placement and release.

Reduces weight of the chest register (also known as pulling chest).

Reduces even more throat tension.

Allows easier access to higher chest register range and middle voice development.

Translating Exercises To Actual Singing:

How to actually use what you’ve learned

Strategies, tips and tricks.

Exercise Troubleshooter: (Video and PDF)

(PDF is In the Training Manual file and is called “The HVT Exercises”).

A guide that helps eliminate the guess work on “how to and why”

This section breaks down what the purpose of each exercise is for.

Whether it is for the chest register, head register or both.

Common mistakes doing the exercises.

Approaches for “getting them right”.

Fixing Unfavorable Vowels:

Make the vowels you have trouble singing feel like your favorite vowels.

HVT - Extended Studies Series
Eliminating The Break
(Download Version)
**This is an ADD-ON to the HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program.**

In this 2nd release in the brand new HVT - Extended Studies Series, HVT founder and vocal coach, Eli Prinsen greatly expands on the topic of the vocal break between the chest voice and the head voice.
Eli shares hours of examples, tips, tricks and HVT vocal training approaches to eliminating the vocal break and fusing the vocal registers.


HVT - Extended Studies Series
Power Belting - Chest Register
(Download Version)
**This is an ADD-ON to the HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program.**

In this first of the brand new series of extended studies, HVT founder and vocal coach, Eli Prinsen greatly expands on the topic of chest register belting (Not Mixed Voice).

Eli shares through hours of video lectures containing examples, tips, tricks and HVT approaches to belting  and higher singing techniques with the REAL VOICE (Chest Register).


The HVT - Classic Metal 

Vocal and Scream Modeling Program

(Download Version)

 ** This is an ADD ON to the HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program.**

More than just singing lessons, In this program, Eli will give you step by step instruction on how to use specific techniques to "decode" the signature sounds and signature high notes (classic metal screams) of many of the legendary metal vocalists from the 80's, making your tribute and cover performances sound much more like the original artist.

This program will greatly benefit the working vocalist who performs cover tunes and tribute performances.


The HVT - Combo Pack:

(Download Version)


The HVT Master Series 

Ultimate Vocal Training Program 2.0


The HVTClassic Metal 

Vocal and Scream Modeling Program

You get a treasure trove of vocal training information for an amazing price!