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I’m Eli Prinsen, the founder of The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT).

I was fully trained by Master Voice Teacher, Al Koehn, as well as many other legendary vocal instructors.

I am also a professional vocalist myself; I am the current lead vocalist of U.S. Christian power metal band, The Sacrificed and European rock band, Dream Patrol. I have released and appeared on several albums in the Rock, metal and power metal community and have fronted and provided lead vocals for bands like: Sacred Warrior, Signum Regis, Deliverance, Aldaria, Sceptre, Sealed Fate and others.

I developed The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT) many years ago and have been teaching it to students of singing all over the world for over a decade now.

Hybrid vocal technique is the culmination of all of my vocal training and singing experience spanning 35 years. It is a combination of all of the techniques, exercises and approaches to vocal training and singing that I found to be the best, most useful ones that gave the results I was looking for. I call this method of singing "Hybrid Vocal Technique" because this system interchanges on modifies a number of vocal training disciplines such as Bel Canto, Modern and Traditional SLS, Scientific Method, Gan Tone

- Jaw, Larynx, Body Fusion and many others.


With HVT you will train every part of your voice, you will strengthen and develop your true voice (commonly referred to as the chest voice) you will learn to extend it’s range, power and stamina. You will also learn to develop your middle voice and head voice into a strong full sound that matches and is fused with your true voice resulting is a massive range that will increase in both directions.

You will learn to develop professional vocal quality and resonance. You’ll develop tight pitch accuracy. And also, diaphragmatic exercises, breathing exercises and airflow techniques that instantly increase stamina and endurance.

With HVT you won't be a one dimensional singer, you’ll have the power of classical and the finesse of SLS, and you’ll learn the HVT theory of making them work together seamlessly. Several of my students have ranges of 4 and 5 octaves. I simply teach exactly what I did to develop my own voice.


You see, I was not born with this singing ability, I had a very limited range and very little natural talent. I had a number of vocal issues, bad habits and weaknesses that were keeping me from achieving my vocal goals. I needed help and I needed to train. I am nobody special, I just really wanted to be able to sing higher so that I could sing my favorite kind of music. If I can do this, anyone can do it!

I went from being a local cover band drummer who struggled to sing backing vocals - to a professional lead vocalist with a 5 octave range.


Examples of Your New Vocal Coach, Eli Prinsen Singing :

                             The Sacrificed                                    

Keane Vocal Cover

Sacred Warrior

Bon Jovi Vocal Cover

DragonForce Cover

The Sacrificed

The Sacrificed

The Sacrificed

Iron Maiden Cover

Shinedown Cover

Signum Regis

The Sacrificed


Alter Bridge Vocal Cover

Firewind Cover

Jo Jo - Stand Proud Vocal Cover

Queensryche - Full Cover

LINKIN PARK - Vocal Cover

The Sacrificed

Journey Vocal Cover

Student Testimonials

Hey Eli, I bought your program yesterday and I'm already seeing results. The way you break it all down is amazing and no other vocal coach has really given me such practical/useful advice. Thank you for this course, you are the truth!

Love from Australia,


"I'm 48 years old and I've been working non-stop on my singing since I'm 19. I've taken singing lessons with half a dozen private teachers, and tried most of the popular singing programs on the Internet. When I say "tried" the programs, it means many years of dedication and hard work on each of these programs. Unfortunately, none of them ever helped me hit anything higher than D above MIDDLE C in full voice. Yeah, D above MIDDLE C! Discouraging indeed. According to some of my teachers, I'm a bass-baritone and I should forget about singing high, since my body is just not built for this. Fortunately, I didn't listen to them. After having worked hard for almost 30 years without any results whatsoever—other than getting into very bad vocal habits—I came across one of the HVT videos on YouTube. In this video, Eli demonstrates how to easily hit the high notes, using his "Mamma" exercise. I couldn't believe it. I instantly was able to hit Es, Fs, and even Gs above MIDDLE C for the first time in my life. And on top of that, I understood how it worked! God did this feel good... I at once went to Eli's website and bought his program. I've been working on the program for 4 months now (6 days a week, 2 to 3 hours a day) and I can now hit B flats above MIDDLE C on a regular basis. And sometimes even HIGH Cs on a very good day. Eli, I could never thank you enough. You're from above man! Really."


Montreal, Canada

You must be one of the best vocal teachers on the face of the planet.


It's not perfect yet, but WOW! I get it out of my throat! And that means you (and your HVT program) beat my classical teacher, my musical theater teacher and all the programs I've tried till now.

There's a lot yet to learn, but the sound of my voice is a thousand times better than it used to be. And the high notes are much more open and powerful.

Thanks a lot man! I still thank God for you.

Niels, Israel

For years, I’ve dreamed of being able to sing in a higher range. I’ve watched numerous Youtube videos of singing tips, and tried them all. But it wasn’t until I purchased Eli’s program that everything was FINALLY explained to me in such a way that I was able to achieve GREAT results. This program is not a “learn to sing quickly” scam. In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and effort, working on each of the techniques and scales, in a diligent manner. But if you are willing to put in the time, and practice exactly how Eli recommends, you can and WILL achieve amazing results. I can now routinely hit a High D over middle C in FULL VOICE. Thank you ELI!!

Robb S.

Singer / Songwriter

Southern California

Hello Eli.

I bought your course about a year ago. And I wanted to give you some feedback. First; I have not been good at training at all, it can go weeks between every time I try some singing. So any progress I have experienced is not because of my dedication and effort, quite the contrary. And that is maybe the important key point here. I feel I have had an incredible effect from your course. Most of all because I think I understand what was holding me back.

In practical terms, I struggled with singing anything above G#. I could burst up to Bb, but not contain a note for long and certainly not sing a sentence. And that was independent on the technique I tried to use.

So, I started your course and experimented with a smooth transition to head voice. My chest voice range stretched quite quickly up to B and then with an effort I manage to sing in C now. And my head-voice is connected and can actually be used for some styles. I find this amazing.

Thanks and regards


Training with Eli was always a pleasure. Having trained with three well known teachers prior to him, I found him to be equally knowledgeable, but was far more fun and relaxing to train with. His creative use of examples, metaphors, and animal sounds is unmatched, and he goes out of his way to make things clear and understandable, even if it means being a tad silly. Eli is as supportive a teacher as you could find as well, and his feedback was always genuine, and he never held back when he liked the material I prepared for him. My confidence greatly increased from taking lessons with Eli, and he inspired me to bring music back to the forefront of my life. I cannot recommend a better teacher than him.

Adam R.

Are you looking for a vocal coach or voice program to learn? Do you want to hit the super high notes or just sing with confidence every time you perform? Have troubles with stamina and find your voice tired after just a few songs? Do you dread those hard to sing passages? Well I found the answer. My voice was having trouble sustaining the quality and control I needed to perform those 3 to 4 sets a night. My bands Empire and The Breast Cancer Can Stick It Band do a lot of tough to sing tunes. Journey, Zeppelin and Priest to name a few. We play sometimes 3-4 sets a night several nights a week. I was hoarse after one night. I stumbled upon Eli Prinsen's Hybrid Vocal Technique and it changed my voice and pretty much my life as far as being a vocalist is concerned. The lessons are challenging but Eli makes them fun and easy to understand. I have been a student since 2015 and have grown as a singer by leaps and bounds. I can sing as long as I want and have the control for those tough notes. Whether you do online lessons or just buy the course to study on your own I can guarantee if you put the time in you will see a change. I have all the courses and totally love them. If I find myself having trouble with a certain style or passage Eli is just a email away with advice. I am glad to call Eli my friend and coach! Get the course you won't regret it. Hybrid Vocal Technique!!!

Tommy Sherman


Thank you for your vocal program! I bought it in September, started practicing it in October 2018 for about 1 to 3 hrs a day. After 3 months, I was already seeing good results. 4 months now and I'm still always excited to do the exercises. Very well done and very well explained and all the answers for my questions are there. You say what to do AND what not to do. That perfect. I understand how to sing through the bridge and not flip in falsetto. I will keep practicing this program every day.

I had three vocal teachers before, spend hours watching everything on youtube about mix voice and everything to read on google but didn't help me to understand and find how to mix... I stopped watching videos and read everything when I saw your videos on youtube : "Practice Time vs Wasting Time" and "what will it take?". Then I just kept focusing on the program. I think you say exactly what we need to hear in those videos.

This program is perfect for me! Thank you!



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